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SARAH'S FALLS  -  WHITE Totem_edited.jpg

"Sarah's Falls"  :  The Canadian Layout

This is the club's "Canadian" layout gifted to the club following the sad death of it's creator.  It had to be split into two halves to remove it from the loft space and so needed some work reconnecting the wiring and checking all is well again.  It was on display at our open day in September and the following weekend at Blandford where it was voted the 3rd best in show by the public.


The layout currently only runs DC stock with the use of selectable isolated tracks providing both a change of movement but plenty to look at.  Stock is mainly Canadian but being close to the American border American freight trains will also be seen.

The top three photos were taken before the layout was split back into two boards in August 2021 the remainder after significant rewiring and a new control panel.

_KRD9423 (3)_edited.jpg
_KRD9424 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
Track Plan with point-power controls.jpg

Exhibition managers wishing to make enquiries should initially make contact via and someone will get back to you.

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