BENBRIDGE  -  The New Club Layout

From early beginnings to progress so far. 


Already shown as bare boards in 2015 and then a work in progress at our 2016/2018 and 2020 exhibitions we are forging ahead with the final track 'tinkering' and the scenery takes another step forward each meeting as can be seen below.


It doesn't matter if you have experience or not as there is always someone willing to assist or guide you; learning is very much "hands on".

The re-wiring has been completed and so now the testing phase starts with running trains in both DC and DCC.

Why not come along and see for yourself?

New Layout 1.jpg
New Layout 2.jpg

"Sarah's Falls"  :  The Canadian Layout

This is the club's "Canadian" layout gifted to the club following the sad death of it's creator.  It had to be split into two halves to remove it from the loft space and so needs some work reconnecting the wiring and checking all is well again.  It will be on display at our open day in September and at various exhibitions thereafter!

These photos were taken before the layout was split back into two boards in August 2021