2023 Layouts and Displays
Most below have already re-confirmed!

Over 20 layouts will be on display; both local and from across the UK including:-


Oakworth   & The Railway Children      00 Gauge

Oakworth (Keighley Worth Valley Railway Module Layout) Prototype – This module is both a tribute to the classic EMI film of 1970 directed by Lionel Jeffries and to the early Keighley & Worth Valley Railway; combining as it does my love of early preservation railways and the childhood experience of the film. The module is an accurate depiction of the KWVR’s Oakworth Station during the filming. Permission has been granted to use some of the audio from the film to accompany a few of the train movements used in the film. These are however only a small part of the train operations that the module offers including some of the famous trains from the 1962 Special before the society took hold of the line, to the re-opening special in 1968, to the running of the first restored locomotive from Barry Scrapyard.


Elbow Lane                                           00 Gauge [4mm]

Elbow Lane is a small yard with a short semi-dilapidated platform for shuttle trains. Another older platform is no longer used for passengers and is a shunting neck for the Goods dock. There is also a small Loco stub that also doubles as a fuelling point.  It uses DCC Sound to full effect in its loco stud but with pointwork operated by a Servos. Trackwork is the new Peco 00 Bullhead and rolling stock uses hands-free magnetic couplings.


Hooper’s Aggregates                           00 Gauge

As this name suggests is based on an Aggregate facility, which is in Cornwall and loosely based on Meldon quarry.

The layout’s most prominent feature is the working conveyer that loads trains. The layout is predominantly freight with occasional passenger trains, and is set from 2000 to the present day. A large variety of stock from classes 08, 31, 37, 56, 57, 60, 66, 67 and 70 locos to 143, 150, 153, 158, 159 units run on the layout. Special trains to the seaside also bring in a variety of stock including steam specials.  Train formations range from predominantly aggregate/ballast with permanent way, logs, cement, ball clay, bagged clay, clay slurry, nuclear and passenger with the odd bit of on track plant thrown in for good measure.


Acreshort Viaduct                                  N Gauge

A new layout designed, transported and built to be erected by one person. The layout depicts a typical North Lancashire scene with a long viaduct, coupled with a local station and a sidings. It is DCC operated ans may have a local bus operating. Electronics have been kept to a minimum.y one person


PENMAWR                                            00 Gauge

Penmawr is a 10ft6in x 2ft (3.2m x 0.61m) model of a typical GWR Engine Shed. The track plan was drawn up utilising photos of both Didcot and Leamington Spa sheds which were very similar having a straight four-road shed and a turntable to the rear. Although based mainly in the 1930’s, there are a number of locos which had seen better days by then and some which have post-war pre-nationalisation livery. However, they remain iconic GWR motive power.

St. Frazal d'Ardèche             Nm (Metre Gauge N Scale)

The Chemin de Fer du Vivarais in Nm  1:160 Scale  Narrow Gauge. The layout is based on one of France's most famous narrow gauge railways, Le Réseau du Vivarais a French secondary metre gauge line. A large part of the railway closed in 1968 but part of it has been preserved as the Cf Du Vivarais tourist line.  Metre gauge is represented by using 6.5mm Z Scale track.


Museum of Transport                        Mixed Gauges

THE concept was born from a desire to create a layout where virtually all types of model may be displayed together with a single theme. There are standard gauge and miniature railways, buses, trams, trolleybuses, cars and commercial vehicles, as well as aircraft and maritime displays. The layout is full of varied examples of industrial archaeology and items to appeal to everyone, whether a model-maker or simply those fascinated by old transport and related topics.
An extensive “Can You Find…” list is displayed with a number of animals and unusual items that children (of all ages) may like to look out for.


"Sarah's Falls" [Canadian] - N Gauge  EDNGG Club

New to the exhibition circuit and sure to be a hit with modellers of all genre of railway layout.  Points of interest include the busy saw mill, traditional road bridge and sailing lake all set in a rugged rock terrain. Various diesel locomotives with an occasional steam pull Reefers, hoppers, cattle wagons etc. plus tourist trains with observation cars.


Wyke Road                                              00 gauge

Wyke Road is a fictitious layout based on the Southern Region in the Weymouth area of Dorset in the 1960’s/1970’s. It is end to end with two fiddle yards and can be operated either as straightforward analogue but the option of using part of the layout being wired for DCC with sound fitted steam and diesel locomotives. Part of it is also 3rd rail electrified.


Evebury                                                   N Gauge

Completely reimagining the Wessex Main Line, Evebury is an unusually busy country station, which has recently gained a third track (at great expense!) to cope with greater amounts of freight alongside passenger demand. The outer lines cater mostly to the passenger services, whilst the centre track now allows for an almost exclusive freight line. A branch line briefly joins the main system before trains pull into the small bay platform. Off to the right is a small goods shunt, where two or three wagons carrying the local village's supplies can be unloaded and delivered by lorry to the local people. There is always something happening on this, now bustling line!

Goathorn                  7mm Scale Layout, 9mm gauge

Goathorn peninsula is on the southwest side of Poole Harbour and was the point where ball clay from Benjamin Fayles mines was trans-shipped from the company’s own 3’9” gauge tramway to ships berthed at the end of the pier. It is modelled in the Edwardian period although very few changes happened in this area until 1939.


Sodham Hall         7mm Scale Layout,9mm gauge (15”)

Sodham Hall does not represent anywhere specific, but is based

on the estate railways like Duffield Bank with rolling stock based

on Groudle Glen, steeple Grange and Mosely Trust. In the centre of the layout is the main workshops & station which is surrounded by a walled garden and the estate grounds including a duck pond.

Barton St David                            00 gauge (1:76 scale)

The layout is based very loosely on two big ‘what if’ statements. What if the real Somerset village of Barton St David had expanded to the extent that its own railway facilities were required? And what if the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway had survived grouping in 1923, and remained separate from the other companies?   The layout runs as if the GWR and S&DJR had a junction leading to the village, with the GWR branching off towards Taunton, and the S&D branching off towards Glastonbury, and therefore a variety of GW and S&D stock can be seen in operation.  DCC operated, some locomotives are sound fitted, and most items of rolling stock have been modified to varying extents in order to improve their appearance, accuracy and running characteristics.  

Canton East                                4mm Scale (00 gauge)

Early 2000 was a time if significant change at Cardiff Canton Diesel Depot, with EWS taking control and the gradual introduction of locomotive technology from the USA… Canton East features the view of the depot that most will remember, modelled in 4mm scale with dcc sound.

Upwey Junction                          4mm Scale (00 gauge)

This layout is set on the line between Weymouth and Dorchester and depicts mainline steam working hard through Upwey and Bincombe tunnels. The Abbotsbury branch provides additional activity.

HILLBAY                                              00 Gauge [DCC]

HILLBAY Started in 2019, this DCC 00 gauge layout is not based on any specific location or period and only built for pleasure. Layout has a 3 Bay Terminus station and also includes alongside station and a 2 road old shed for storage/light maintenance and turnaround of rail tour engines. Layout also has a diesel refuelling and light maintenance area. The building of this layout is still ongoing.


Crossways Wagon Works           0 and 09 narrow gauge

“O gauge needs a lot of room” – well, not always! 

Here’s a shunting puzzle with a scenic area of 33” x 19”. It is unusual to say the least – there are no points nor curves.  In addition to standard gauge, narrow gauge is used extensively as occurred at Horwich Works and Crewe. 

The space-saving traverser echoes those at Swindon, Didcot, Derby, Pecorama and Felixstowe amongst others.  Do come to see, you’ll be most welcome and, I hope, amused.

​Penworth                                                        N Gauge

Penworth is a Pendonesque layout in n gauge, featuring hands free shunting and scratch built buildings. It has been built to show that similar standards used by Pendon can be achieved in N gauge. Most of the buildings are exact copies of those on the Pendon landscape with measurements provided by the Pendon team.  


Parkstone Goods                                          00 Gauge

A station to fiddle yard arrangement; “Parkstone Goods” is a model of the goods yard area of Parkstone Station (Dorset) as it was prior to 1974. Imagining you are stood on the “up” Platform waiting for a train this is what you would have seen. It is set in the corporate years of British Rail around 1974. It includes the branch that use to run to the Potteries of George Jennings. All buildings are scratch built from drawings sourced from Network Rail's Archive centre.


Nictun Borrud                                               00 Gauge

Nictun Borrud is set somewhere in the rolling chalk downland of the
Southern Hampshire. It represents the terminus of a small branch line
with some freight facility and is set in the late steam/early diesel period. The layout is built to finescale OO standards and features kit built Southern Region 3rd Rail Electric units.


Nictun 2k – 00 Gauge

Our 1965ish 3rd rail BR(S) Nictun Borrud is a layout which was based on the US Army building a branch line during WWII.  Had it been built, it would have come from the Meon Valley Line to Southwick
House (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF)
HQ in WWII) just behind Portsdown Hill, near Portsmouth.
As co-builder of NB, I liked it so much I thought I would replicate it and bring it into the 21st century based on it surviving the Dr Beaching cuts and prospering today (also to run my modern stock).
The goods yard has gone, replaced by car sales and petrol station and the old WWII military sidings developed to house a wagon & Loco maintenance facility. The Sub Power Station has also been upgraded


Displays include...


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All layouts and displays are subject to final confirmations and physical availability at the date of the exhibition due to circumstances out of our control.


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